Monday, August 21, 2006

Video Sex Swallow Black

Carrie knew her brother was cute. And since she and her friends were still in senior high school and Kevin already graduated, the whole 'older guy' theme made them all even more interested in starting a relationship with him. But when he failed to respond to the provocative clothing and teasing hint of bared flesh, her friends were slowly losing interest. Alison was at that point now too. Carrie could sense it. It was both discouraging and frustrating.


Exhausted though she was, Lize couldn’t help feeling pleased with herself over the success of her enterprise. Drawing on the resourcefulness and resilience of her youth as an itinerant performer and sometime lady of the evening, she had maneuvered herself into the bed of her mistress’s betrothed. By doing so, she had acquired not merely silver and some genuine pleasure. She had also gained information that might be of great value to her young mistress.

"What do you want?" Barbara asked, with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"I thought you were taking me home for an encore." I joke as Sahara rummages frantically through her purse, eventually throwing a twenty dollar bill down on the table for the last drinks we'd had. "You know Sar, the bill will probably only be about seven bucks... that's one hell of a tip. Do you wanna wait for change?"

"Lift it!" I demanded. She did and I saw her large, spanning cream-colored granny panties. I crouched down. With one hand, I wiped my cockhead against the shiny fabric. With another, I grabbed a handful of her tit and squeezed. "Oh, fuck yeah, Grandma Gerte. I can't wait to fuck you and your 64 years of Dutch sex!"

"Well, I have a few things I need to get done first. How's about…oh say…three o'clock this afternoon? Course that all depends on the weather too. If it gets to socked in even I won't try it."

She moaned a little more. “Keep going…”


Laurie straightened up and looked at Erika. Erika put the thong down and stood up.

Debbie’s whole body shuddered and quivered as she walked back to the table where George and Samuel Timmons sat waiting. She knew there long thick black cocks were going to drive her crazy as render as her body was.

Mandy felt a tear fall from her eye as she realized that it was exactly what she had to do.

“Amanda.” the voice whispered, as if on the breeze that wafted in through the open window.

“Oh right, fuck you too man. I’m sure most guys would shit a cow just to think about such an arrangement.”

"Fancy another game?" I enquired.

Well it had a lot to do with a bottle of scotch, a fast car, and a dead little girl. The magistrate decided I was to be made an example of; five years for manslaughter, no parole. How did I end up 'belonging' to Eddie McManus, the Facility's most notorious inmate? I thought back to six months ago about when I arrived at the prison. It was obvious I was grist for the mill, the inmates jeered and cat called as I walked down the centre aisle past all the cells.

Happily, he sleeps unclothed, so she takes time to admire his beauty, tracing the lines of his muscles with a single long fingernail, prolonging her own excitement. She stops when he feels his body move, and smiles in appreciation as his body responds to her touch.

The bedroom was just large enough to have the double bed and a mirrored dresser. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Matthew glanced at himself in the mirror and gave a rueful grin. He'd looked better. With just the headboard light as illumination, he removed his winter boots and socks, the concrete beneath the old carpet frightfully cold on his soles. The vest came off next, tossed onto the dining room chair in the corner. Standing up before the mirrored dresser, he began undoing the belt and jeans. Once undone, the denim jeans fell to pool around his ankles. Kicking the jeans off, Matthew sat back down on the bed and removed the shirt, tossing it atop the jeans.

Leaning forward, he whispered in Jackie's ear as he began massaging her breasts, pinching the nipples, "You liked those boys huh? Didn't want a real man? You liked them touching you and looking at you, didn't you... you slut." Jackie shuddered as he tweaked her nipple, "You probably wish they were watching you now... looking at your breasts... watching you be a total whore for a man old enough to be your dad."


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